This is a program that tests your knowledge and familiarity with music. It will test you by giving you an Artist's name and the starting letter of each word of the song. You will then have 2 attempts at guessing the name of the song. If you are correct then you gain 3 points and move on to the next one. And if you can't your journey will end there. You will then be shown the top 5 scores in the leader board and your overall ranking. So do you have what it takes? Let's find out!

Getting Started



All the configurations you need to do is set the paths to the CSV files. Say this is the directory structure: .

Music quiz game
│   │   questions.csv
│   │   scores.csv
│   │   users.csv
│   │

You would then edit to make sure the correct paths are configured:

USER_FILE = "data/users.csv"
SCORE_FILE = "data/scores.csv"
QUESTION_FILE = "data/questions.csv"

Save the file and exit to save your paths.


To register your self all you need to do is open users.csv located in /data/.

NOTE: Your will have to open in with a text editor like notepad or even Atom OR You will need to open it with a program like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice CALC.

This is what the file may look like:


uid,password are the headers or titles for these files. Notice there is no space between them or after them.

Say that you want a user name mike and your password Mex!c0. The you will add the entry like this:


Note: Make sure there are no spaces in the entries. Other wise you will face problems when logging in

Feel free to add more if required. After you are finished, save the file and exit. You have successfully registered yourself!


Start App

First Navigate to the root directory of the app then in the terminal type:

For Windows:

C:\PythonXX\python.exe C:\script\music_quiz\ 

NOTE: Replace XX with python version

For Mac/Linux/Unix:



You will be greeted with this login screen. Enter your Login Details and hit Return after every entry.

Welcome to Music Quiz Game V.0.1
Enter your credentials to login!
Username: mike
Password: Mex!c0

If after entering your login details you keep seeing Incorrect Credentials. Check users.csv to make sure there are no spaces in the entries!